Websites for small businesses are becoming more and more popular as they offer a number of benefits. One reason is that websites can attract new customers who would not have found your business otherwise, which means you save time on marketing efforts to find them in other ways.

Websites also provide the opportunity for prospective buyers to research products or services before making any commitments.

Types of Google Search Console Errors

Google Search Console (GSC) is a free tool that helps you monitor your website’s performance to identify and fix any potential problems with Google ranking and technical details of your site’s crawling and indexing process. Google Search Console is a must-have for any marketer or webmaster if organic search and organic traffic are vital for your website. …

There are billions of websites on the internet, but only one can be found at the top of search results, and that could be you when your business uses a proper SEO strategy available to improve their SEO!

There are so many aspects of SEO efforts that it is hard to keep up with. One of the most popular off-page SEO aspects, social bookmarking, has the potential for significant improvements in your organic search engine rankings.

In this post, we will talk about how you can optimize your content marketing for social bookmarking sites. …

BETT Show 2019

British Educational Training and Technology Show (BETT) или Бет шоу е сред най-големите световни изложения за образователни технологии. На него се представят световните иновации, новости и тенденции в технологиите, използвани за образование или такива, които се очаква да се имплементират. Ежегодно, Лондон събира стотици участници от всички континенти за няколкодневно преживяване.

Робот представен от Pi-top

Основателите на MindHub, Поли и Ясен, бяха на тазгодишния форум — BETT Show 2019 в Лондон, за да проследят тенденциите в бранша и за обмен на опит. …

In 2014, we decided to create MindHub, a coding school for children, where to enable every kid of pre-school age to get acquainted with the coding world. The idea was born spontaneously, one afternoon, watching the kids at a children’s centre, thinking over their future and what awaits them at their first meeting with our educational system.

The robots Dash and Dot are the most favourites of the kids.

MindHub’s mission is to revolutionise the educational system in Bulgaria!

Following the emergence of the idea of a coding school where kids in pre-school and primary school age learn to think interestingly, we began to explore whether there are similar places. The problems we encountered are very serious, such as:

1. There are…

The professions that are being studied at school today by our kids are not the ones of their future actually. At MindHub, we are committed to creating a new generation of creators with a clear understanding of the fundamentals of programming and advanced analytical and computational thinking. This knowledge and skills are critical to the 21st century, which also is helping to develop in every profession.

It is not only important what the kids learn, but also the way they learn it! …

Probably you are asking yourself, how the future of humankind will look like after 10, 20, or maybe 100 years? How people will live and what they will do?

Of course, we cannot accurately predict what will happen, but it is a prerequisite for a person who is responsible for the emerging social, technological and industrial transformation. From the present point of view, we are witnessing the so-called “Revolution 4.0” (Industry 4.0). That is a technological boom, developing at a rapid pace and is a real revolution in the way people are thinking.

Therefore, it is important for us to…

Вече сме месец юни и лятото неусетно се показва през слънчевите лъчи. Това за нас от MindHub означава едно — много усмихнати деца, превръщащи мотивацията си в нови супер сили, умения и увереност в летните академии, които от месеци подготвяме с голямо сърце за тях!

Ние от MindHub вярваме, че лятото може да бъде по-пълноценно за вашите деца, когато им предоставим възможност за развитие на техните умения докато се забавляват. …

And how and where to start?

You think that your kid is not old enough to start learning to code? Think again? :)

Coding is a method which gives the opportunity to let our computers, applications, mobile phones and internet websites what to do. Some experts and tutors are calling it “the new literature”, a very important subject, which the kids should be aware of and know, in order to be distinguished in our rapidly changing world.

Nowadays, 4–5 years old kids can learn coding fundamentals even before they know how to write and read. …

Instagram Apps

Instagram gets more and more popular around young people worldwide. I know many young and even children that have their accounts on social media. I believe it’s all good, and thus for I decided to write this handy content about a few excellent apps that I found when researching in the apps store for crushing my Instagram feed.

1. Story Maker

Stories are fantastic when you know how to use them properly. I found this app simultaneously when I was looking for entirely different. Luckily, it became one of my favorite apps. It gives you many opportunities to crush your…

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